Family Opportunity Mortgage

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When you use the Family Opportunity Mortgage, you will only be required to bring a down payment of 5% for the loan. With loans for second homes, on the other hand, you may be required to bring as much as 30% of the home’s value before you can make a purchase, which means there is a serious entry-cost to using this option.

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Normally if the borrower chooses not to live in the home, they would need to have an investment property mortgage. An investment property mortgage can have higher rates and monthly payments. However, with the Family Opportunity Mortgage, the mortgage is still considered owner-occupied and thus has lower rates and monthly payments.

The Family Opportunity Mortgage helps families who are buying or refinancing homes for college students, elderly parents and disabled adult children. Without this program, these transactions would often have to be considered as "investment properties" with higher interest rates and closing costs.

The Family Opportunity Mortgage is a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac program. Home owners can finance another home for family members using a conventional mortgage, just as though they were purchasing a primary or 2nd home. requirement that it be 50 miles or so from the borrower’s home Program Benefits.

Under the Family Opportunity mortgage, the purchase would not be classified as an investment property. That means the mother would not have to spend as much money on the down payment. When it comes to elderly parents, imagine that your parents live in a different state, and you need to move them back to Hampton Roads.

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